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Say hello to a more productive you

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With everything important in one location, you can now focus on getting work done and have more time for what matters.


Here’s what Goboxi will do for you:

A better inbox

Goboxi learns what emails are important and de-clutters your inbox for you (don’t worry, you can override the email robot whenever you want). Drag and drop emails into to-do lists for follow up, or turn emails into calendar events. It works with just about every email account out there, so you’ll have an organized inbox for all your emails.

A better inbox

Everything important in one place

Your email, to-dos, and calendar together gives you an easier way to stay on top of everything and a better picture of your availability and workload. Assign activities to projects, set priority levels, and schedule them out. Drag and drop activities to re-plan or reprioritize so you’re organized even when something unexpected comes up.

Stay on top of everything you need to do

Focus on getting stuff done

Cut out distractions by focusing on what needs to get done today. And by selecting a Project view, only the relevant emails, tasks, and appointments will appear so you can be more focused and productive.

Goboxi's sidekick

Your very own personal sidekick.