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Meet Goboxi

What is Goboxi?

Goboxi is the first productivity management software that actually makes you smarter about the way you work. Goboxi logically combines your emails, tasks, and appointments together in one location so you actually get stuff done and improve your performance.

What Goboxi can do for me?

With a productivity backbone and machine-learning smarts, Goboxi will reduce the time you spend on email and logically organize all of your weekly to-dos and appointments.

Why should I use Goboxi instead of my email service?

We know that email is essential for communication – it just takes up too much of our day (30% of our day, to be exact). Goboxi uses really smart algorithms to filter only important emails to your inbox, reducing up to 30-40% of the time you spend on email. All nonessential emails go to a folder for you to read later.

Plus, Goboxi lets you easily convert emails into tasks and appointments so you don't just leave them as unread or forward them to yourself to answer later. Say hello to an organized inbox!

What email services does Goboxi support?

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Not sure if you have an IMAP account? Click here to check!

Can I connect multiple email accounts?

Currently, Goboxi only supports one email account at a time — but stay tuned!

Can I work across platforms?

Yes! Goboxi is designed to work where you work.

Goboxi is will be available for:

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Privacy and Security

Is Goboxi safe?

Your email security is top of mind. Rest assured that Goboxi is safe and secure. All of your information, data, and email transactions are encrypted so no one can access your data except for you. Our system also completes daily security scans to guarantee data security.

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TRIAD Methodology

What is the Triad of Time Methodology?

The Triad of Time is a breakthrough methodology developed from years of research and consulting work by our CEO and visionary, Christian Barbosa. The Triad divides your various activities into three different categories based on their level of importance and how they will impact your life.

What are activities exactly?

Activities are projects, tasks, to-dos, emails, appointments, and just about anything else you need to keep track of and complete.

How should I classify activities?

The best way to improve your productivity is to divide your activities into three different categories: Important, Urgent and Nonessential.

Important: All the activities that bring you a positive result and that you have enough time to accomplish (you have hours, days or weeks to finish the activity).

Urgent: All the activities that have a short time frame to finish – or no time at all. These often pop up unexpected and can add unexpected stress to your day.

Nonessential: All the activities that you can do at your convenience or are time wasters (but sometimes you have to do them anyways!).

Plan. Achieve. Analyze.

Our goal is to help you plan, achieve, and analyze all your daily activities so you don’t just get stuff done – you improve the way you work.

Email. Tasks. Appointments. Together at Last.

Tasks, emails and calendar are no longer separated! Now you have all your daily activities in just one spot. With this centralization, you have the real reports and feedbacks about how you are using your time and can focus on improvement.


About feedback

We designed Goboxi with you in mind, and we want to hear from you. You can send us feedback by filling out the form inside the app, or by emailing us at We are still in Beta, so you may experience occasional glitches. If you do, we apologize, and courage you to let us know!